Sex among top 10 reasons why lovers breakup


In recent times atleast 155 breakups happen in every one minute across the world, from this, a dating site, came up with data from over 150,000 people , aiming to determine what caused people to break up. In the report, we analyzed the top 10 most common reasons for splits. Here are the reasons that you can avoid to protect your relationship

1. Cheating. Unfaithfulness proved to be the No. 1 reason people head for Splits. But is it completely unforgivable or is there wiggle room? Interestingly enough, a recent survey found that 54 percent of people said that cheating can be justified in certain situations.

2. Bad sex. What do you think about when someone talks of bad sex, according to the study, majority of people argued it’s better to talk about sex with your lover to know if both of you enjoy it, the style and time all depends on you studying your partner and putting things on the table.

3. Jealousy. Over-the-top jealousy, in any relationship try to control how you act, a partner might feel jealous seeing lover doing certain things, which might drive them to control them in a way. Have you ever faced this?

4. Finances. This mostly affects the man more than women does, in our society it’s believed men should provide, ladies would tend to be in a relationship where the man meets her needs, if not, the relationship will get it hard to thrive. To be true Couples fighting about money is nothing new.

5. Family differences. Have you been in love with someone then later you come to know how they were brought up, what ran in your mind then? Finding out how they grew up and what values they has are just a few of the 5 Questions You Should Ask in a Relationship before going deeper

6. Weight gain. Yes, I meant weight gain, believe me, over 60pc of people who fall in love today would loose interest tomorrow if you will just leave your body to loose weight, another studies say eyes love and save what it sees at the first place, so if anything changes it will be to the eyes, what should you do then? If he’s packing on the pounds because he’s sidelined the importance of diet and exercise, make some new goals together. But remember, there’s a fine line between trying to help instill healthy habits and trying to change someone.

7. Laziness. No one wants to be with a lazy partner. Everyone just wants to veg out every now and then, sure, but if once in a while becomes all the time, remember: People aren’t likely to change that much over time.

8. Too clingy. A report by Tabloids reported that Khloe Kardashian knew this feeling all too well.

9. Cleanliness. Okay, everyone ofcause loves cleanliness We’d never complain about an overly clean guy! What should you do? if he’s too messy, don’t make them feel so law, find something to make them understand they need to improve on their cleaning habits

10. Frugality. Frugal is one thing. Cheap-that’s another. But if money’s just tight, don’t, fret-instead, check out these 40 Free Date Ideas.

After going all through this, I hope you will do whatever it takes to protect your relationship.

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