Raila speculate new move to kick Judiciary out of office

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Is Raila Odinga planning a rally to mobilize kenyans in removing the Judiciary system?

His recent comments while in Mombasa in Abdulswamad swearing-in as governor of Mombasa, Raila posted possible hints for that to happen,

After condemning the judiciary lead by Martha Koome for upholding Ruto’s win,

Raila said that kenyans have rights to lead in millions and tell the the team to match out. We can lead a one million March to the judiciary and tell them to go home, “we have a right as a people to not agree with bad rulings,” he added,

Raila is a known politician who has strong impact on Kenya and kenyans and not one has he asked kenyans to rally, what do you have on this?.

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