How Raila Odinga helped CNN Award winner of the year Nelly Cheboi with air ticket behind the doors

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In an interview with Success Afrika , Nelly Cheboi has recalled the events that followed including Raila facilitating her with Kes300k.

“I got a scholarship to study in America; I was supposed to report in two weeks. I didn’t even have a passport. I returned to the streets, “mimi ni Nelly, nilienda Maryhill girls, nilipata A, nimepata scholarship ya America na sina hata passport.” The MP heard about it, he made plans, and I got a passport in two days.”

The next huddle was a Visa and Air ticket. She recalls going again to the streets


She kept saying it until she met Raila, who gave her Kshs. 300 000, which enabled her to fly.

Nelly is CNN hero of the year 2022 and has earned it with her work in Mogotio through TechLit Africa.

“For me, it was like – move my family out of poverty, move my community out of poverty, rewrite what it looks like to grow up in Mogotio. Like, bring all the opportunities to Mogotio.” She said in the interview.

Raila was who was shocked that a girl from Mogotio risked missing out a prestigious chance due to poverty. Facilated the air ticket

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