Mandonga mtu Kazi from Tanzania defeats kenyan wanyonyi in a knockout kick at KICC

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Karim Mandonga “Mtu Kazi” has put kenyans to silent mode after defeating Kenyan boxer Daniel Wanyonyi. Mandonga, 43-year-old used a new technique from Ukraine dubbed ‘Sungunyo’ and has won on technical knock-out at The KICC.

Mandonga had promised to beat Kenya’s Daniel Wanyonyi black and blue during their boxing match.

Mandonga had recieved heavy and methodical blows from Wanyonyi in the initial rounds of the boxing match, Mandonga technically knocked out Wanyonyi in the fifth round of the show.

Wanyonyi declined to get back to the ring for the next round, allowing mandonga to be declared the winner

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