Little you din’t know about Mulamwah, the real story

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Kenyan comedian David Oyando popularly known for his stage name Mulamwah has joined is a self made comedy icon from the western region,

In 2015, Mulamwah finished a degree in nursing where he later did nursing interns at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Despite his popularity in the comedy industry Mulamwah is a professional nurse who decided to set well in his life in case either of the careers goes the wrong way

Mulamwah was in a long term relationship with his baby mama Carol Sonie before the two broke up in December 2021, months after the birth of their daughter Keilah.

Mulamwah and friend Ruth

Since then Mulamwah has been on the talks to be a relationship with another lady whom since then have shared big moments, However Mulamwah and Ruth K have never come to limelight to disclose what’s behind the curtain but as they pose to be best friends

Recently he was assigned a new role at Mediamax owned radio station Milele FM as the newest presenter in an evening program show,

Mulamwah owns property worth estimate of about 5 million,

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