Wueeeh; hii mapenzi haina aibu, Pritty vishy and boyfriend stivo Simple boy reunite in a new love triangle

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Pritty vishy and boyfriend stivo Simple boy on valentines

Have you ever asked yourself what’s itching you to follow up with people’s life on social media? Bytheway are you paid a coin for doing that when they break their stories whether sad or good one?

Maybe you feel better and relieved, i don’t know, however, that’s not my point, my point is that social media has been a platform to promote people’s brand and this comes with different ideas and styles, maybe in our next story we need to look at this?, yes, our writers are working on it,

Many of us have the story of the popular artist stivo and his who was former but now again girlfriend, the two parted ways last year in 2022 and have been running an independent life since then

Yes it’s normal to talk about your ex badly when such happens, moreso pritty has been on the keyboard to criticised stivo, what if this was just another claut chasing tackicts,

But does Stivo too do claut, mmmmhh,,,, everyone would love to grow their brands,

On valantine of 14th Feb, the two Suprised their followers with a stunning valentine photo that was confirmed later that yes the two were back together to share their good matrimonial times yet again,

Vishy posted with a joyful caption “ata nyinyi si mnaona ni valantine” the two will be now working on protecting their love given that stivo has never seen the road to the world of honey and good waters

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