Akothee uses daughters birthday to wash kenyans minds with a powerful closing message

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One of the biggest archivements in life is when someone hits a one year to add on what you got currently, in fact in the Western culture this period is more important than any other days in one’s life

But now in our African culture the so called birthday has not been in tight existence for the past years until lately in the early 2000s, today, we go down up to see how this day has been one among the best in the African culture,

With that said, Rue baby, a well renowned celebrity who is a daughter to the singled mum, oooh sorry, the so was single mum for long Madam boss Akothee turns a year older, so why are you doubtful with my words? Madam boss has been a single mum for the longest time ever and most of her archivements including raising her family has been a one person army, congratulations to her, lately God blessed Akothee with a new mzungu, and the happiness in that house no one can explain, maybe one of them

The boss lady took to her social media platforms to give her daughter what she deserves by a message full of motherly love, maybe me and you would like the same too, but let’s stick where we are

This doesn’t only show love, but shows how our culture has totally changed and everyone feels important on such days,

On her message to Rue, akothee had the following powerful message โ€œHelp me wish my baby @rue.baby
To my lovely daughter Cellin Dion Agrry Brown.@rue.baby
As you break even on this earth full of life , may I be the First woman to appreciate, love and bless you in all your endeavours. The year that you have now , is the beginning of your adulthood journey .โ€

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Rue baby on her birthday

By the way gave have you ever had such a caring person,, don’t say no because our mums are always, despite just celebrating, Rue got a message from the mum, yes, we all no this lady is not a go easy person, she hits you with reality well, โ€œIt will be soo soon to 30 and too soon to 40 . For you not to grow an ugly, bitter broke woman in your 40s, continue doing what you need to do in your 20s and in your 30s. 40 is a panic button age ,if you didn’t get things right in your 20s ,30s because of destructions ,remember the energy you have in your 20s ,30s will not be the same in your 40s.”

Bytheway for those who are in our 40s, what’s the taste? For many times i have heard this that if you wasted your time in the 20s 30s then you’re done, let’s listen what someone who is in this bracket has to say
โ€œAt 40 ,you have less patience and can accommodate no rubbish. You would even just want to lock yourself in a room where no one should be disturbing your peace or your peace. Its only at 40 that you feel like clubbing is noise and a waste of time. It’s only at 40 that you will realise that having more than 3 friends is a crowed.”

By the way don’t get me wrong, here we are getting some good facts from someones birthday, from this it’s evident that Enjoying life at 20s and 30s will save your future from uncertainty, but in so doing good work should be in the equation.

Birthday are important, they mark a new beginning in life, so for me personally i usually love something from each new year celebrated in anyone’s life, what about you?

Happy birthday Rue

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