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In this article, I have collected the important reasons why Network marketing is an excellent way to carry on business in the 21st century and why i personally plugged in the system 1 year ago

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MLM has given me what I din’t have

For anyone reading this and you have a negative opinion towards Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing(MML) , these REASONS should not convince you but help you to understand why people do this and maybe you can re-think your attitude.

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For today let’s discuss only seven reasons, you can do your own research on many other reasons on the same as you prepare to venture in this business and turn around your life, let’s get this up

Reason 1: Benefits of the products. Many people confuse MLM and pyramids, MLM is not a pyramid scheme. It is about products or services which create a value for customers.

Network marketing is a distribution channel of products and services. Business partners get paid when they recommend products or services to their Customers in this industry. Distributors do use these products, they have experiences and they love their products. Therefore, they can recommend them.

If you are thinking about network marketing business or someone has presented you the business opportunity, check company’s products first. Look at the fundamentals. Can you like to use the products even if you are not paid or working with the company any more ? If you would, this company could be the good opportunity for you to get additional income.

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Reason 2: You don’t need qualifications or degrees. This is the only business where everybody is equal. Every partner starts from zero customers and zero partners. It does not matter what kind of education, career or personal background you have. You don’t need a diploma to get this job. The work and the community will teach you this profession. You will learn if you want to.

Reason 3: You be around with positive environment. People outside network marketing business might think that the business is full of crazy people, cheering for every move which the author takes at the stage of the event. This is not their natural everyday behaviour. But one of the main characteristics of network marketing business is to dig out positive attitude of people. Therefore, they are so over-happy and cheerful. Those people who cannot change their passive or even negative mind set into positive, usually fade away from this business. Network marketing can shift the balance of negativity and positivity in one’s life. When you think in positive way, you act in positive way and positivity comes part of your life.

Reason 4: Financial security. People who do network marketing usually have the possibility to bring additional incomes to their personal economy. You don’t knows what will happen to your future situation in work markets. Network marketing brings you additional income by which you can build up a security net for you and for your family. But you won’t get anything if you don’t do anything.

Reason 5: TIME FREEDOM . In this field you are your own boss. You can decide how much, when and where you work. You can do and succeed in network marketing as a second partime job. You can increase your incomes without doubling your working hours. Network marketing is entrepreneurship with low entry fees.

Reason 6: Low investment on starting capital . Its the only field tested and proven where you can invest as low as $100 and get millions of dollars in return, its the cheapest way to get additional incomes or even get wealth. In corporation world, you must invest tens or hundreds of thousands to start the business.

In the most companies, the capital is only hundreds of dollars’. Very affordable to everyone compared to investment in franchising, or in corporation. If you can’t invest that sum to your future, you should look at the mirror. If you are continuously struggling in the lack of money, you should do something for it. You must, because nobody won’t do it for you. Network marketing is the cheapest and risk free opportunity.

Reason 7: Unlimited earning potential. In network marketing, you do the lot for the little in the first month or years. But if you keep on doing and don’t give up, your business will pick up one day. Your incomes will increase, they will double, triple or quadrat. Working hours do not matter anymore at this time in Network Marketing

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