What you don’t know about jobs in Kenya…. The circle of a job in Kenya

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Nobody wants to leave a miserable life in the old age, that’s the reason we go to school, learn so that we can be employed to secure the future

But have you ever sat down and asked yourself if really job is the sure way to secure your old age!?, today, we feature the story of Joseph, who worked for 35 years with over 60,000 pay, just to turn a begger in town,

Joseph is 68 years old currently it’s so unfortunate that he lost his eyesight, we closely gathered information about Joseph who is currently encouraging people to use their childhood times well by investing and doing something constructive,

Joseph was employed in the Government sector as a choffer, in his 35 years experience, he served in the late jomo Kenyatta, moi and Kibaki’s government,

During this period he travelled most part of Africa and money wasn’t an issue to him, he owned his own prado to make his life easy,.

“I have travelled to several parts of Africa, at this time i was having my eyesight working so i believe i saw alot, i thank God that even after loosing my sight, he gave a reason to live so that i can share to the world that nothing is permanent, “

Things actually changed immediately he retired, no more money, no pension, things become difficult, i have family to look after, this made me to anction all i had, my car, land, but it wasn’t enough,

Joseph is ever in the bus from Nairobi to kahawa West where he now preaches to passangers about life, i hope many will learn something,

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