My boyfriend spends much time with my best friend, what should I do?

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Before we even help our younger sister here, what do you know about love?, does real love still exists nowadays? For at first I don’t believe in real love, okay don’t take me wrong, it’s actually my own opinion,

Today’s love is all about money, not even interest, now here it’s a situation facing Hellen, this not about money, According to Hellen she has more money than her boyfriend Mike,

The problem with Hellen is not about money or anything else, “i believe something fishy might be happening with my boyfriend, since i introduced him to my best friend Carol, the two are two close, at time i feel Carol has more attention of Mike than me,

For all this time i have been so quiet, but i feel it’s time i cut off the relationship between the two, of course i know Mike can play me around, for the 4 years we have been together he’s been so loyal,

Advice me what to do kindly, should i cut off or what’s the best way to go about? ”

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