Ogopa kanairo: Pauline Njoroge conned in brought daylight in Nairobi CBD

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When you hear Nairobi what comes to your mind?, okay, what do you know about Nairobi,? Someone just told me in Nairobi everyone is an expect, yes,

With many stories being told about the famous kanairo, today we managed to get the story of a young lady, whom most of you know, Pauline Njoroge is well set lady in the network marketing industry and has archived great success with her business online,

She’s ranked among top Kenyan Network Marketers with most affluence and influence, but on the this time round the owners of Nairobi could not leave her safe,

Of course in town from many stories you have heard of, they robe you silently, infact you give out your belongings perceful

“i have been hearing stories people say, i have robbed my belongings, i never believed this untill it dawned on me” she narrated

According to Pauline, she usually takes her lunch near her office area, so as usual, she stepped out along Nkrumah walk to get something to feast on,

I take my lunch around, my office is located around Nkrumah Lane walk, so as usual i left to get a snap, then i realised someone was asking for my attention, an old man in his early 60s, i din’t ignore because that’s my weakness, i don’t ignore,” Pauline narrated

The man who was decently dressed approached me and ask if i could help him recharge his phone with a 50bob scratch card since he wanted to talk to someone, yes, i picked his small phone and started to recharge..”

Pauline says not before she could finish she saw another woman around 40s in age coming, but as usual in town it’s very busy and you can’t give your attention to everyone, so she ignored,,, “i din’t bother to much,”

From our own statics measuring how people are robbed in Nairobi, this was the mission queen, she carried all the witch used in town to blackmail kenyans, GOLDEN discovered that this people can confuse you by just looking at you, what happened to the poor PAULINE

“Few minutes later i don’t know what happened, from around kenya cinema i found myself in the bus station near otc, fortunately i had left my phone in the office, but my purse with all the money inside and other information was nowhere to be found,” according to Pauline her expensive phone which costs around 200k was left in the office to take some charge, it’s not usual for me to leave my phone behind but this time i think God secured me earlier, i had to sit down for couple of minutes to figure out how i got myself there but i din’t recall anything,. And that’s how my bag and money went watch the full video here https://youtu.be/zOmSwEMU_-M

Whats your experience in Nairobi CBD?, send us your story via info@golden.co.ke, admin anasoma comments zenu

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