Puzzle, who reached out the first? Raila contradict Gachagua on who reached out first between him and Ruto

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Politics in Kenya are getting more hotter with new conversation each day around the topic, in Kenya politics More so those between the Government and the opposition has been the talk of town

This has been a walk see situation of who has the power over the other, we have two sides, the government lead by Ruto and Gachagua and that of opposition who’s leader is Raila Odinga,i

It’s still very fresh in the minds of kenyans when Raila Odinga called off the maandamano that has lasted for a week, with lots of destruction and low operation in the country, it’s not yet clear on what happened for before Raila dropped his strong stand about the maandamano,

Close trusted sources at Golden realised that the decision was made few minutes after a closed door meeting between The president and the opposition leader, the content of the meeting is not yet clear but the two made a decision to call off protests to give room for talks,

Unverified news going around has it that either of the two made a decision for something similar to handshake but, it’s just a rumour,

The deputy president on her other hand has distanced himself from any handshake saying their is none happening and if it will happen, he will not be involved,

Still on the same, Gachagua revealed that it’s Raila who approached the president for talks, something that ODM leader has come few hours with a response, according to Raila he was not willing to call off any protests because that’s the only way kenyans can be heard, Raila said he recieved a request from the president to put hold on the demos as a way is solved for the matter

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