KRG THE DON: I got my first billion at 17 years,

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Self proclaimed billionaire krg the Don has revealed that he made his first billionaire while under age, in an interview online, the mambo imechemka hit maker said he lives the life of the king since money is never a problem to him,

He even went ahead to ask akothee to redo her wedding then officially invite him as the official guest, KRG said if akothee will accept he will pay off all the cost of the wedding.

Bragging around, he revealed that he sits with top officials in the Government and that he has a direct link to the president of whom he will accompany him to the Akothee’s second wedding that he will stand for

“anialike nikuje na president himself, na hio bill ya harusi yote nipewe nitalipa ” he added, KRG also says they own choppers in their home and soon he will be getting his private jet to room around with

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