State managed? Inside the story of the bus that was burnt down during Azimio protest along ngong road

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The Azimio protest that resumed on 2nd may 2023 after the failure of the bipartisan talks between Azimio and the kenya Kwanza government started on a very unbelievable scenes after a video went viral showing a psv being burnt down on flames on the Ngong-Nairobi route at Posta along Ngong Road

On the look of the matter, police have denied to provide reasons why there was no security guards at the scene when the irate boys put the van ablaze, according to trusted reports, police are said to have walked away from the scene giving the protestors an easy time to loot the vehicle then after leaving it on fire,

Few residents at the area claimed that the vehicle doesn’t operate on the Ngong-Nairobi route as said earlier but the allegation are yet to be verified by police, the Azimio protests have been unpeaceful with another similar case of a truck driver from Uganda was stoned by the protestors later burning his truck on fire, the protests are to resume on 4th may 2023 with Raila set to leed the others to present their demands to the Government

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