I did a silly mistake, Luke shaw regrets awarding Brighton a penalty

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The handball that costed Manchester United

Manchester United Left-back Luke Shaw has taken full responsibility for awarding the penalty in Manchester United’s final 1-0 defeat to Brighton at the Amex Stadium on Thursday night.

The match appeared to have ended goalless, before Brighton were awarded a penalty well before injury time after Shaw raised his arm to touch a cross from flank. Referee André Marriner turned down VAR intervention and ruled that the penalty should have been awarded.

Alexis Mack Allister scored the winning goal to deliver a valuable win for the home side and United’s first Premier League defeat in just over a month in the process.

But to Shaw’s credit, he stepped up and took full responsibility for such a devastating blow. was. “It hurt so much,” Shaw told Sky Sports. “I think it was last minute, last minute action.

“I got a little poke, but of course my hand shouldn’t be there. I stand by it and grab it by the chin. I lost the game and it’s tough.”

The defender refused to use this as an excuse, but he felt that a free-kick in United’s favor should have been awarded before the ball was dealt with.

Luke shaw after defeat at Brighton
“I can’t even explain why my hands are up,” added the defender. “Obviously I said there was a nudge and maybe that helped lift the arm, but it still shouldn’t be there.

“I don’t think the free-kick given before that, even from the corner, was a foul. I’m not looking for an excuse for what I did, but I don’t think it could have been a foul foul.” We were connected.

“Maybe this corner shouldn’t have happened to me. But of course I can’t change it and I have nothing to blame the referee for. I don’t think it was a foul, but I raised my hand and it was a stupid mistake, so I lost a point.”

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