How a young TUK student build a multimillion business working online in Kenya

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I am 23 years old and I am living a dream life thanks to the GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES e-commerce platform.

[wpedon id=”3602″ align=”right”]Mutea Evans is a former campus student and an entrepreneur at technical university of Kenya. He’s currently 27 years of age but with years of experience in what he’s doing

In a one on one interview with Golden News Kenya Mutea Evans Munene, I meru guy told us that he first learned about making money online on facebook

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“The first thing I read was about making money online with Facebook. I was skeptical at first. I was a sophomore at the time, and I am definitely happy that I made the personal and difficult decision to use my free time productively.

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The Networker who has been able to embark thousands of lives with a huge team online happened to share with us how build he started from scratch, keep reading…
“Once I was convinced that making money online was the way to go, I was open to ideas and opportunities to work online and realize my dreams ( If I wasn’t open, the opportunities you will never notice).”.

After that, it was easy to get here with GIF’s online work platform. Because I knew what I wanted from the beginning, nothing stuck. I was looking for a legitimate Kenyan program that has been proven to have very serious training and most importantly reward members well.That’s exactly what I found in Gif. He said

The former Kenyan Institute of Technology student got his Subaru Anesis brand new at the age of 23, and a superbike 10 months before. An archivement that rarely happens in not just in Kenya but African culture

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These two are just an addition to the many things he has archived including the multi billion business center in the city, standard clothing store, you can visit them here for your wear .

According to Mutea, his brief story should convince you that success is not beyond your reach or a matter of age.That you can still be what you wish to be if you make the right decisions and seek advice and support from the right people plus a willing heart to work.

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“I feel greatly indebted for the privilege of working online . The biggest achievement over the past years has been the person i have become.”

“Above that is the lives i have been able to impact positively by sharing the opportunity and educating young people as much as i can on Online Marketing and technology. You will agree with me that thousands of Kenyans make a living Online but very few are willing to share with the rest because of either fear of competition or just unwillingness.”

According to the retired computer scientist at age 25, life ain’t just about just YOU, giving others an opportunity to be inspired by your story as well as guiding them through to the success is Mightier. Who told us that one of his mentors sl Zig ziggler says “You will get everything you want in life if you help enough others get what they want in life”.This is his mission.

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Personally through global internet FORTUNES alone, he was able to earn over $10,000 in commissions alone. (screenshot is below for confirmation). (Reminder – I know he works 2-3 hours a day) This is equivalent to 1,000,000 ksh in commission for doing part time jobs online. Earn all your money in a year

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Mutea is giving you the chance to join his team today and change your life in a time you never thought possible.Click here to start

Global Internet Fortunes is the king of in online work in Kenya through it’s powerful 99% working 24/7 with hosting servers that allow you to take full advantage of the services they offer. Please check them out here out for details.

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