Court orders inquest into the death of Jeff Mwathi

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A court has ordered an inquest into the death of Jeff Mwati, who died at DJ Faxt’s home in February, on August 10 2023

The state plans to subpoena a total of 35 witnesses to testify against Jeff Mwati as part of the investigation.

The matter was referred to magistrate Zainab Abdul for instructions on how to proceed with the matter.

This comes just days after Mughishi artist DJ Fatxo caused an uproar in his community online with his latest song “Ngatho.”

The song marked his return to the music industry after he was on hiatus for some time after he was caught in a high-profile lawsuit involving Jeff.

Online users flooded social media platforms with reactions to the song, expressing support and admiration for the artist’s resilience and renewed focus on his music career. A few months ago, DJ Fatxo was controversially identified as the prime suspect in the tragic death of 23-year-old talented home designer Jeff Mwathi.

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