Pesa Otas: How online work Team Global millionaires flex a lucrative lifestyle

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What comes to your mind when you here onlineworks? Whatever that comes, but today, we are focusing on team global millionaires, a team in an online company that deals with Domains and websites as their key products, send them a WhatsApp text here

Golden was able to get in touch with an online business group which empowers youngsters on making money online, to our experience it`s true to say the Internet has evolved and now you can comfortable make a living online, read this full story about how Team Global millionaires from Global internet fortunes -(GIF) rooomed over to enjoy their success online

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It was in the early hours of the day as we joined an event of it’s colours and pleasure, A SENSATIONAL tEAM BUILDING Event IN A VERY PRESTIGIOUS STARs HOTEL OUTSIDE NAIROBI County. Here, you could see youngesters age 18 to 30 years, flexing in suits

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Everything went on super well, from the arrival , breakfasts , recognitions , outdoor games and dances to a sumptuous dinner that was graced with an Amazing miniEvent in the Event that took place the whole day, here were were curious to know the secrets this guys are doing, what they are doing online to earn themselves such a lucrative lifestyle, and guess what, their stories was an amazing one, from digital products which are offered by the company which include domains websites blogging among other services, here is where their fortune lies, We learned alot,

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The company has four teams, and they do this periodically every now and then, they say money is not a problem, the problem is where to spend it, ONE month earlier, masters of team building events in the company by the name Evalasting visions (EV) Conducted an event that brought the whole city to a standstill, we have compiled the story of Team EV in our recent blogs, don’t forget to read about it

As team GM busy Building they Business ON Steroids , we were notified of another mega event coming up the biggest team in the company team champions of champions, stay tunned here as we will be on the ground to follow up and show you how this guys have decided to use online a tool to live a lucrative life

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A message team GM had after the fabulous day was “We thank God for such an amazing and sensational event and pray it be of major positive influence to the growth of our business ,,,, we also Thank everyone who made the Event a huuge success,, from THE COMMITTEE MAGGIE JERIM WARINDA REGINA MOREY and the ENTIRE TEAM GM”


We were also given a special link on how you can inquire and join this great company, click HERE NOW TO BE PART OF THE TEAM

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