Baby Sagini Culprits executed

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Baby Sagini has finally recieved justice after a court in Kisii has sentenced Alex Maina Ochogo to 40 years in prison for assaulting Junior Sagini’s baby

Ochogo, the cousin of a 3-year-old child, was convicted in December 2022 of kidnapping and gouging Sagini’s eyes

Sagini’s aunt, Pacifica Nyaquelario, was sentenced to ten years in prison and her grandmother, Rael Mayaka, to five years in prison

The two women were convicted of complicity in the crime

Sagini’s case was widely reported and public outcry for justice was fierce

Chief Justice Christine Ogweno said in her verdict that the three defendants committed “heinous crimes” whose actions “caused untold suffering to the children and their families

She said the sentence was intended to deter others from committing similar crimes

Sagini’s family welcomed the verdict and said they were “satisfied with the outcome of the lawsuit

They said they hoped the ruling would bring some resolution so they could now focus on rebuilding their lives

“The verdicts against Alex Maina Ochogo, Pacifica Nyaquelario and Rael Mayaka are important victories for justice”

The three defendants have been accused of crimes and the verdict clearly shows that such crimes will not be tolerated

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