Shock as Kakamega woman delivers in toilet

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Shock struck in Kakamega County when a pregnant woman from the village of Lwatingu had an unexpected and terrifying experience. In the shocking incident of disbelief in the community, a woman unknowingly delivered her child in the toilet while trying to relieve her, she claimed.

In video extracted by golden news , she tearfully explained that she didn’t realize she was due when she went to the toilet . In that knowing moment of her life, she unexpectedly gave birth to a child who tragically fell down the toilet in the hole.

The mother of three said she went into labor around 3 a.m. that day.  Realizing the urgency of her situation, she immediately asked her husband to arrange a motorbike to take her to the hospital. But her husband was late in finding transportation, which took her time.

The woman said she had asked her husband to find two people to help her get to the hospital. However, he said that further delays were caused by People in the area refrain from going out at night. It was only later that the woman’s husband realized something was wrong. He grew suspicious when he realized that his wife no[wpedon id=”3602″ align=”center”]

When he found blood stains in the bathroom, he called for help from his neighbors and asked where the baby was.  The situation quickly drew attention, and concerned, residents and police officers gathered in the area of scene to begin a rescue operation.

The first priority was to safely retrieve the newborn from the pit toilet. Police and rescue teams were urgently called to the scene to assist in the delicate rescue effort which the whole community hoping for a miracle that the baby would be saved safely,

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