Gov’t shutsdown Worldcoin operation in Kenya with users not sure of their future

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Kenyans who scanned their eye to the popular cryptocurrency world coin are now left stranded after learning that the program was operating in Kenya llegally ,

This after “CMA warned that Worldcoin is not regulated in Kenya and that related products including the free crypto-tokens and their derivatives are not investment products within the scope of the Capital Markets Act.

The programme which required users to scan their iris before getting a unique world no called WLD was pronounced by the government to have set up their operation without a go ahead from the relevant authorities .

Golden News found out that the ministry of interior through Kithuri kindiki upon learning about this information gave out directive for the excise to be stopped immediately with the representative being arrested .

On Tuesday , thousands of Kenyans were forced to go home unscanned after the KICC where the main operations were taking place was full , it’s already known that over 500k Kenya scanned their eyes in a record period of 9 days , the company through its representative in Kenya said

It remains unclear for the future of at least 500,000 Kenyans who scanned their eye to receive the Sh7,000 token.” since they’re no unveiled reasons behind the programme ,

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