Kakamega woman sends away lover after husband came back 17 years later

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Agripina Mulupi, a woman from Lurambi, Kakamega County, sent her lover out after the husband who went missing in 2006 returned home.

Speaking to Golden , the 42-year-old Bonifas Moi Muyesi said he disappeared unannounced after she retired in 2006 for reasons he dint disclose .

Mulupi said Muyesi is the master and after his return and she had to send her current husband away.

When he returned, the locals started dancing to welcome him. Mulupi said she had to raise her three children alone.
Agrippina also told Golden that she could not raise the children by herself because she had settled down with others.

The cleansing ritual was preceded by a prayer session and the husband was reunited with her relatives. However the prodigal son’s joy came when she learned that her wife had a child with another man, a man she had found in her own home but later accepted the case anyway .

His family detailed that his death was suspected in the post-election violence of 2007-2008. Traditionally, families welcomed sons and slaughtered a ram in the process. The two have returned to normal, but the chased husband is nowhere to be seen.

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