Pastor got removing woman’s private body organs in Nairobi

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A 61-year-old woman is being treated at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital after being injured by a self-proclaimed preacher who claims she is sick and “laying her down” in the slums of Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Jenga.

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The pastor named Daniel Muriithi is accused of penetrating a woman’s genitals with his arms and hands, removing parts of her internal organs and causing massive blood loss.

“Alikuwa ameingizwa mukono kwa sahemu yake ya siri akatolewa nyama…damh ilikuwa inatoka kama maji, imajaa kuwa beseni, so mama alikuwa Kwa hii nyumba for a week ” said Kate Nyambura,

The incident was reported to the local chief after one of the village elders, Dominique Ndungu, heard terrible screams coming from the unscrupulous preacher’s house.

Mr Ndungu said he went inside and found the pastor naked and the woman unconscious in bed bleeding heavily

Afterwards, Ndungu asked the pastor about the blood and what appeared to be body organs, but the pastor replied that the woman was ill and was recovering.

Since then, residents of Mukuru Kwa Jenga have called on Kenyans to beware of the rise of various religious denominations and of apostate pastors who abuse their religion for diabolical acts.

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