Kwale man jailed 10 years for vandalising SGR property

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A court in Mariakani has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison without fines for various charges of endangering SGR commuters. According to the indictment, the crime occurred on May 23, 2023 at K66 in Mungooni Village, Kwale County.

During the trial, the prosecution, headed by the Chief Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Angela Fuchaca, proved all charges against the defendant beyond doubt.

Chief Justice Nelly Adaro found Mangale Yawa guilty of endangering the safety of SGR commuters for destroying a fence post on a Kenyan SGR line owned by the Kenya Railways Corporation.

In addition, Mangale was convicted of stealing 4D 10 metal rods about 6 feet long and metal hooks weighing about 5 kg worth Ksh. 30,000. In addition, Yawa was convicted of fleeing away while in the custody of two police officers.

He successfully jumped out of a police vehicle at the Taru Police Station in Kinango District, Kwale District, Yawa will now face 10 years imprisonment to serve as an example to others

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