Mystery of an 86-Yr-Old mother’s death at a home discovered after 9 months.

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Mystery as decomposed body of an elderly woman was found in Thika’s landless estate 9 months later . The body was identified as that of 86-year-old former teacher and businesswoman Leah Njeri.

According to the DCI, the deceased lived alone in her estate and is believed to have died nine months ago.

From information from the family and neighbours , She was an introvert woman, so none of her neighbors thought anything was wrong for the nine months period.
Her son who is a pilot, who owned a house lived few meters away, was informed by police of his mother’s death after one of the family members who lives abroad decided to take a visit to the grandmother’s home.

It has emerged that the son (pilot) had set aside a kes 20,000 monthly stipend which was sent directly to her from her salary by the bank.

What many are wondering is if he never received a phone call or email for her mother’s health checkup.
The son claims that the last time he spoke to her, the mother requested that she be left alone so that she could live undisturbed.

If not for her granddaughter, who lives in South Africa, had not traveled to Kenya, the deceased would have remained a mystery. When she came to see her grandmother, she found an abandoned house.

She called the police that her grandmother was missing before on June 2, 2023 when police recovered the decomposing corpse.

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