Why is Akothee trending ? Who’s a role model ? This the whole story

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Days after Artist Akothee was denied a chance to address Ng’iya Girls High School, she taken to social media after getting an opportunity at Kanyawanga to address the students before dispersing for the August holiday where School principal Jacob Mbogo invited her to address the students before they closed for August holidays.

She expressed her gratitude to the principal for acknowledging her worth despite the face she wore and the media portrayal. she said:

“I am one of the celebrities who have a huge following in Africa, on social media and locally.This internet bug will force your child to access my brand whether you like it or not

Akothee said Even that girl who dropped out of school because she was pregnant, will appreciate a word or two from her despite what the media say.
“I’m not a role model, I’m a source of inspiration,” she added

Since then, Akothee has thanked Principal of Kanyawanga for the opportunity.
“Kids don’t see me as you see me as a competitor. Some were raised by single mothers, some were raised by abusive fathers/mothers, so they probably don’t see me as a competitor. I think it has something to do with how I live as a mother.”

Akothee believes a good number of people were raised by their grandparents, others just single mum’s etc. Some come from wealthy families with parents, others from stable families without parents.” she said there are children among the Ngiya Girls who are heartbroken over what happened, but she promised to meet them one day and that their revelation will remain intact online .

Because of this, there have emerged a lot of discussion after the incident about who should be a role model, and there are many questions with few answers. Join our forums and leave your thoughts on who your role models are. The debate is heated there

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