Kibaki Grandson Sean Andrew Says He Doesn’t Want to Have Kids

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Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrew, remains firm about his future as a parent. In his recent interview Sean Andrew expressed his love for not having children, stressing that he just imagine himself without the role of as a father.

Sean explained his current stage in life ,saying that he has carefully planned his life path and raising his children was not part of that plan.

Sometime back Sean openly revealed his own decision not to have children in his a response with Instagram follower who asked him a similar question. “This important decision was made some time ago, and the lack of desire to be a parent, as i expressed it, has been in me for a long time, he explained: “I don’t feel like being a parent. This realization has been with me for quite some time.” Sean added

Sean Andrew went on to say that while he is not actively looking for a life partner, he remains open to the idea of companionship if anyone willing comes his way . He expressed his willingness to explore the concept further if he met someone who shared his views and values.

However, Sean says dating in Kenya is hard , Kenyan ladies got alot , “Kudate Kenya ni ngumu sana! Nimejaribu relationships kadhaa! Sina haraka ya kuoa! Ladies mtuambie mnataka aje

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