Brenda Wairimu shows off her new look after plastic surgery

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Brenda Wairimu shows off her new look after having plastic surgery to change her appearance
Brenda Wairimu is a famous Kenyan actress and model who has amazed many over the years with her prowess while appearing on various shows.

Some of the shows the award-winning actress has previously participated in include “Change Times”, “Mali”, “Shuga”, “Kona” and “Monica” among others.
While Brenda Wairimu is undoubtedly one of the best actresses in the country, what many people don’t know is that she has been struggling with body insecurity for some time.

This mother of one really struggled with discolored teeth that many people were unaware of, and that was what kept her from smiling much when posing for photos.
However, recently, sassy series actress Monica underwent a teeth whitening procedure at one of her local dentists, and boy, she couldn’t keep calm about it!

Calling this decision a personal gift, Brenda Wairimu also showed off the enviable transformation of her teeth and it is clear that they are now whiter than before. Here are before and after pictures.
The award-winning actress also shared a short video showing how she went through the teeth whitening procedure at the dentist and talked about the process with the caption that it was something she always wanted to do since at 6 years old. .

“Do you remember the story of me winning the reading contest at the Mombasa library in elementary school, and then that boy telling me I was going to scare the pretty baby with my bad teeth right after? ?
When I tell you that I’ve wanted to get my teeth fixed since I was 6 years old, it’s absolutely true. Here I am, grateful and blessed, thanks to
A gift for me, for myself. Just for me and the people who will be happy when I smile at themhihihi!!!” she wrote on her insta

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