Man dies After Listening To Mario’s Song ‘Dear-Ex’ 60 Times

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A middle-aged man in the Tanga region of Tanzania is believed to have died by hanging himself, allegedly due to romantic jealousy.. According to the sad news broadcasted by Wasafi TV, the man named Juma returned home in a thoughtful mood.

It is said that he entered the house and was watching television when he asked his colleague to play the song Dear Ex by Marioo and asked to repeat the song over 60 times.

The man was with his lady and they actually planned their work until it was almost done, but in the middle of it, someone barged in and ruined everything, according to reports..

The family chairman revealed that he saw Juma listening to this song more than 60 times before leaving and committing suicide..


“Yesterday Juma came to me in the morning, I sat with him and he turned on the TV, he had his music on and he asked for it to be repeated 60 times, that is the same song, I remember it was a song by the artist who sang ‘Dear Ex’, when it was four o’clock my son wanted to watch cartoons but Juma he knocked if he still wanted to repeat the music, I told him you have already heard it, he got angry and left,” said Mrs. Mwanaid Abbas

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