Boychild survives a night of Sex at a womans Place after discovering pills to drug him in his drink

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In a surprising turn of events, businesswoman Linet Kainyu found herself facing serious charges after allegedly trying to drug his companion during a sex meeting at a motel in Nairobi.. .. The incident that occurred on October 23, 2023, surprised many and led to an in-depth investigation..

Kainyu is accused of administering an unknown drug to Jacob Kibet at a flat on Lumumba Drive in Roysambu.. It is assumed that Kainyu lured Kibet with the promise of drinks and intimacy, but the evening took a dark turn when Kibet discovered a suspicious pill in his drink shortly before drinking it.. ,

Kibet quickly left the room, alerted the apartment management board and the authorities were also quickly notified..

The recovered tablet, which is currently being rigorously analyzed for identification by government chemists, will play an important role as evidence in upcoming court proceedings..

Kainyu was also accused of providing false information to a Civil Service Commission (PSC),alleged that she misled Police of Kasarani Police Station about her identity after her arrest.. Kainyu claimed the name “Faith Makena”, but her true identity was eventually recorded

Kainyu’s fate is now in the hands of the judicial system.. The case is scheduled to be heard on December 5, 2023, and the trial is expected to begin on April 4, 2024.. This incident is a social gatherings..

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