Kofi Asiedu working as a dish washer in diaspora earns kes237k per month

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Kofi Asiedu, a dishwasher based in Germany, revealed that he earns a total of $237,000 per month.

A dishwasher, often working behind the scenes in restaurants and kitchens, dealing with the constant onslaught of dirty dishes.

Kofi, recently shed light on his profession.

Kofi revealed that he earns a monthly salary of Sh237,000.

Although it may seem like easy money to some, he says becoming a dishwasher is no different than a walk in the park.

He claims he works eight hours a day, five days a week, earning Sh1607 every hour.

He stands for hours washing dishes and utensils, with only short breaks of 10 to 20 minutes during his long shifts.

Multitasking or even checking social media while working is not an option; The job requires the greatest attention and dedication.


His advice for local relatives of those working abroad is also noteworthy.

He warned against wasting money sent from abroad.

His perspective provides insight into the sacrifices and hard work that immigrants often endure to provide for their families back home.



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