Becky Actress Trisha Khalid speaks on claims of dating Hassan Joho

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TikTok star Trisha, who currently appears on the citizen show Becky, says she has had to deal with several rumors circulating about her love life since establishing herself as a celebrity.
She says that one of the strangest rumors she ever heard was that I was dating former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

To this day, she could not understand how someone could just sit there and make up such a false story without verification.
Trisha says she has no problem dating Joho, but the truth is it never happened.
Trisha spoke about her dating life and although she is enjoying her current relationship, she stressed that she has no problem dating a married man.

Rumors aside, Trisha, whose real name is Fosi Mpole Hamis, says she has had to fight hard to shake off her celebrity image ever since she came into the spotlight.

Trisha became an internet sensation when she started uploading his pictures and his beautiful physique and curves became the center of attention.
She believes this is why she was labeled as a celebrity.

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