We are sorry; boda boda rider demonstrates in public

FB IMG 16468524068516577 Boda boda crack down

A viral poster of a boda boda rider ignites mixed reaction online after the rider decided to send an apology to the public on behalf of the entire sector.

Recently the sector has been affected heavily following the crack down of the service they offer by the government following the sex assault along Forest Road.

The government with immediate effect cracked the services across the country, also those who will be operating the service will be under a big eye by the Government, on 9th the government announced that every boda boda will have to register with NTSA and pay a licensing fee of kes 5,000 among other strict conditions.

The unidentified man with the ‘we are sorry’ poster on his back motorbike gadget has decided to clean the already spoiled name of the bodas,

From recent studies, boda boda operators have complained of misunderstanding, lack of respect and intimidation from the public abd that the business isn’t paying up again as it used to be.

“It’s hard to get even that kes, 200 to getter for 2kg of unga na vile maisha yamepanda” a boda operating in Kiambu said.

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