Carol Sonia: MULAMWAH can’t even satisfy a primary kid on bed, awachane na mimi

FB IMG 16497596357238649 Mulamwah Carol Sonie Keilah

Carol Sonie has come out to defend herself from the trending story between her and Mulamwah,

Carol says he’s the one who came up the idea to cut ways with Mulamwah after feeling she wasn’t getting satisfied in bed with the Luhya based comedian

“Iam the one who came with the idea to part ways with Mulamwah because I understand am an independent lady who can manage myself and my kid Keilah”

Carol has urged Mulamwah to stop including her kid too much in his daily life and crying every day on social media, ” it’s not funny anymore, he just need to keep my kid out of his desperate situation”

Carol also slumped at Mulamwah for being a dead living animal, Only his heart breaths life but the other parts of the body and fain,

“Naskia anataka kuwa the kenyan Diamond, diamond ako na 6 pack nguvu na kwa bed ako more than good, that’s why watoto wake wanafanana na yeye, others here like Mulamwah ni longi tu, Aende gim apate nguvu, this man can’t even satisfy a primary kid on bed na anaringa hapa”

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