Alvin Chivondo Caught up again with stolen floor in Naivas supermarket Nairobi

FB IMG 16532119202731033 Alvin Chivondo

The story of Alvin Chivondo trended few months ago after he was convicted for stealing supermarket items worth at least kes3000,

Chivondo was caught in Naivas supermarket before he was presented to court where he was charged with a one year jail or bail of kes100,000. Among those Kenyans who struggled to free Chivondo was Mike Sonko who cleared the bail, apart from that Sonko also promised to make a three month shopping to help Chivondo not repeat the same again.

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In addition Sonko shared that he had signed Alvin in His Sonko Rescue team where he would get money to keep him moving,

Others included YY comedian who popularised Kenyans to raise money where Kenyans came up with at least kes100,000 of which was handed to Chivondo, revealing yesterday after the second arrest in the same supermarket but a different branch in Nairobi, YY disclosed that upon giving the money to Chivondo , he also bought phones almost three times after he kept calling him saying he had lost his phone,

“He used the threat ‘nitarudi uko tena kuiba’ ” YY added

In the previous case Alvin was caught with floor in Naivas Supermarket in Ronald Ngala and charges are expected to be done on him soon

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