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For so many years people have been in a two ways situations trying to figure out if Global internet fortunes (GIF) is a legit and trusted online program, however this has been a puzzle for many for the reasons that follows

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GIF CEO kimathi kemundeh

1. Global internet fortunes shares close name with a foreign company called Aim global, kenyans have not once confused GIF with aim global for their similarities,, – however let it be known that AIM GLOBAL is a company owned by a foreign body which has it’s branches across the world. GIF is a kenyan based company with it’s headquarters in Nairobi ; Nkrumah Lane at ALLGATE HOUSE.
2. People who venture into the company don’t do verified research, they run with the hearsays or what is in the market
3. GIF uses a new method of promoting it’s services, – network marketing is not a well known method to kenyans and many think it’s an illegal way of doing business, however, this method is now one of the most paying ways in developed countries, maybe by time kenyans will accept and impress it the way safaricom did some time back
4. Members who join gif tend to think it’s an easy way of marking money, they don’t put in the effort required, thus not getting results, the reason why many quit to spread the scum rumours – but you understand in every career, hard work must be put in for good reward

In this article, at Golden we have compiled information from different sources to come up with the look of how GIF operates,
Maybe you have been asking yourself, is this company real or it’s a scum?

Today, we are not going in details on how GIF works, but we are going to take you through what GIF gives you when you decide to work with the company

You must understand that before you venture in any network marketing company, you must look at the things that satisfys the company to be legit.
Just to remind you, a legit company has
1. Products or services
2. Physical presence
3. Government or regulatory institutions documents
4. Time frame in the market

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At the end of this article, we hope you will have a decision whether GIF is legit or not by checking on the 4 mentioned things above

It’s true Network Marketing is the easiest way to make wealth, but is it as that easy as we think, can you make wealth without working for it? Drop your comment and let us know what you think about this,

Global internet FORTUNES is an online marketing and Web hosting company incorporated by the government of Kenya in the year 2012,

The Company which is owned by Mr. Kimathi Kemunder has it’s new offices at ALLGATE house near KPLC House, nkrumah Lane walk in Nairobi. This company before it shifted it’s operations to Allgate, it operated at Commerce house along moi Avenue for the longest time ever since it started, due to demand for More space, it shifted to Allgate, it’s new headquarters with a sitting capacity of about 500 people,

Over the 10 years the company has been in operation it has launced 7 more working offices across kenya namely Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kakamega, kisii and meru. The office is to help its members working from upcountry to have a physical presence where complaints can be made, the offices are used to train old members and new members

GIF has been satisfied by the government of Kenya to sell domains and websites through the concept of network marketing, From our top research, the company owns powerful services that makes it’s operation run smoothly,

For the past 3 years in a raw Kenic, a body mandated by the government through communication authority of Kenya (CAK) has awarded GIF as the best web hosting company in Kenya, being top among well known companies like Kenya web experts and true host,

GIF has produced some of the well known and popular blogs in the country, with it’s free trainings to it’s members, hundreds of blogs you know out there are hosted by the company,

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One of the GIF training in Nairobi

Websites is now a common tool everyone is running to have one, you got to get yours today, one thing that makes the difference is that, GIF gives you an already customised editable website, in addition, the company has top trained teachers in the field whom help you get started with your site, edit it and even earn from it depending on your preferences, all this is free for anyone who’s a member.

The Company also does much of Online marketing or commonly known as refferal marketing/word of mouth advertising, a concept with is highly respected as it has proven to be the best in the market for moving any products or services. In this concept, you just refer the services you have to another person for you to be paid, i think this is why the company has emerged the leading company in Kenya and now taking over East Africa.

In our next article about the company we shall go into details on how the company works, but by now atleast you have an answer to weather GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES is the company you should go for or not,

Let us know your views in the comment box below

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